Postcards, Anyone?

CREATE YOUR OWN POSTCARDS USING YOUR OWN TRAVEL PHOTOS!!!florenceAbout a few months ago, I mentioned that sending yourself a postcard while traveling is one of the best ways to remember your travel experience.

bellingham5I know most of us like to travel (locally or internationally) and when we do, we ALWAYS take photos of the places we visit.

Fotor_145854457304768Create your own postcards by having your OWN travel photos printed. You can then send them to yourself, your family, and your friends. 

romaHere’s how:

  1. Use a photo editor app to put borders around the photo of your choice (white border is recommended).

the vatican   2.  Write the city, country, or just the name of the place on the front side of the photo (use a photo editor app…there’s plenty out there). Then print the photos.

Fotor_145854508096785 3.  Write the message and the address at the back of the photo. You can also write a short description about the photo if you wish. DON’T FORGET to write “Photo by _________ (obviously, it’s by you).

santa cruz bike   4.  DON’T write too heavily on the back side of the photo because it might leave pen marks on the front side. 

roma italia5.  The postcards are now ready for mailing. I believe it costs $0.35 for domestic US while international rates vary, depending on the country you’re mailing them to and from.

bodega bayVoila! You now have postcards made from the photos of your choice!


Of course you can always buy ready-made postcards but this is just a more personal and more creative way to do it.pia romaENJOY and HAPPY TRAVELS!



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  1. Massimo Malavasi says:

    Very nice pictures!


    1. Thank you, Massimo!


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